Pro Development Program goals

  • Learn to make trading decisions based on analysis of higher timeframes and lower timeframes leveraging supply/demand and profile trading

  • Mix analytical discipline and creativity using the above methodologies to select and execute trades using professional risk management practices

  • Learn to efficiently capture and analyse information using systematic methodologies described in the lectures to support rational trading decisions

  • Learn to use trading metrics to find your own inefficiencies, improve your performance and ultimately increase profitability

  • Develop your own style and individuality within the scope of our methodologies to find further ways of improving your performance, both systematically and opportunistically


  • Decent knowledge of reading candlestick charts

  • Charting platform such as Metatrader

  • Min 1-2 years trading experience

  • Persistence and desire for continuous learning and improvement

  • Ideally a background in music, science, IT, engineering or sports reaching semi-pro or pro skills

Includes all three video courses but no additional mentor Q&A support. For further information on pricing options and courses curriculum, click on Read More.
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Includes all three main levels plus a 3 month Q&A mentoring support (unlimited amount of questions). For further information on the courses content and pricing options, click on Read More.
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All three levels plus a 6 month Q&A mentoring support (unlimited amount of questions).
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