Silver PLUS

Raise confidence and improve your performance with highly structured orderflow training.

Expanded curriculum with additional lectures

Unlimited access to lectures - you can really take your time with the learning process. Learn, apply, improve, revise, repeat.

Faster drip-feed system - lectures are released at a rate of one per day

Student Success & Engagement call - If you're struggling, you have the option to do a call with a coach to discuss your progress

Statistical research on the frequency of occurence - Levels and setups mentioned are supported with actual statistical research charts below relevant lectures

All future updates - every few years we update the lectures to ensure lecture content stays as current as possible and to keep up with the camera quality upgrades as well as new FAQs from students.

Discussion-style board - each trader's post has its own thread. No spammy chatrooms or 'coaches' shouting setups in your ear.

Full year of Q&A support - ask unlimited amount of questions on lecture concepts.

LIVE TRADING ARCHIVE INCLUDED - 12 months of LTA included so that you can see what the setups actually look like in real time. If you wish to have continued access, after the first year LTA is $49 per month ongoing

Additional Exams - test your knowledge in additional exams to solidify your understanding of concepts and setups

Please note: SILVER PLUS does not include:
  • trading plans / premarket prep feedback
  • tailored, personalised mentoring
  • review of your previous perfomance

  • Who is it for?

    Best suited for intermediate traders with minimum 2 years active trading experience.

    We can also provide help and support during your prop trading combine challenge assessment for TopStep, Tradeday, Apex, Earn2rade, Elite Trader Funding (futures) and FTMO (forex).

Bonuses included in Silver Plus membership

  • Live trading examples right after the relevant lecture

    See how the setups and playbooks look in realtime. We all know it's one thing to explain in in a static charts and another thing to see the setups actually playing out

  • Additional exams

    Comprehensive additional exams to test your knowledge of implications and concepts relating to all parts of the MS method

  • Live Trading Archive

    Live Trading Archive is an on-going project of playbooks and setups to deepen your knowledge. It serves as a practical demonstration of the method. It contains many variations of setups and 'incomplete' moves that are a reality of everyday trader life. These recordings of live setups will help to further your knowledge about the situations that can happen in practice while you're trading.

Silver Plus Enrolment

  • $2,499.00

    SILVER PLUS Membership: Pro Dev Program lifetime access + 12 months Q&A

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