What is online prop trading?

A new way for traders to gain a fully funded account
Regardless of your background or where you are in the world

  • No professional qualifications

    Most 'old school' prop firms require heavy qualifications and PhDs.

    But after COVID-19, we've seen an explosion of remote futures trading prop firms looking for someone like you:

    Independent traders, who want to scale up existing capital, without taking on huge risks to their own savings.

  • Fraction of the cost

    An average trader loses around $10,000+ of their own money when they first start trading live.

    The most difficult thing about trading is overcoming your own mental hurdles

    When there's ANY skin in the game, the stakes are so much higher.

    Prop firm challenges offer an opportunity to practice trading under pressure in a safe, low cost environment.

  • Mitigate Risk

    Controlling and reducing risk is the name of the game when trading.

    By getting into prop trading, you're getting a business partner who will take on ALL LOSSES on your behalf.

    When you're trading for yourself, all losses have to be swallowed by you.


⭐The only prop firm without gated withdrawals⭐

  • 1 step assessment
  • Real live account after evaluation
  • No minimum balance for payout
  • END OF DAY trailing drawdown - NOT open equity intraday!
  • Mentoring support available for funded traders

    One of the oldest and most reputable firms

    Topstep were pioneers in the field of online remote prop trading. They remain one of the most reputable firms in the industry. Their rules are suitable for entry-level prop traders looking to improve:

  • Topstep has NO MINIMUM TRADING DAYS requirement
  • Instead, they have a CONSISTENCY rule

    Hitting these will mean a failed challenge

  • Don't hit the max trailing drawdown*
  • Close all trades before designated times
  • *max trailing drawdown STOPS at the starting balance of chosen account size with Topstep - it DOES NOT keep trailing for the entire duration of the evaluation

    Hitting these won't fail you

  • Don't hit the daily loss limit
  • If you do, you will be locked out until the next day, but will NOT fail the challenge unless you've hit the max DD

  • don't exceed 50% of the overall challenge target objective in any SINGLE trading day
  • If you do exceed the consistency rule, you will just have to keep trading until the profits are high enough so that the day in question falls under the 50% target

    Earn2Trade Assessments

    Suitable for more novice traders

    E2T have more rules than other firms.
    These rules are incredibly useful for more novice traders who are looking to improve consistency and risk control.

  • Don't hit the Daily Loss limit
  • Don't allow any single day to exceed 30% of the overall target (CONSISTENCY!!!)
  • Don't hit the max drawdown
  • Close all trades before designated times
  • Don't exceed the max position size according to the progression ladder
  • Not ready yet?

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