Blahtech SD

Supply and demand multi timeframe indicator

Premium professional SD indicator that scores the zones just like a human.

Includes multi timeframe mode, Blahtech backtest mode (directly on the chart), Trend Strength Engine, Engulfing Indicator, Summary panel, Q points© and much more.

Blahtech MP

Market Profile indicator

Full Market Profile functionality as seen on the futures platforms - now available on Metatrader for the first time.

Includes TPO-only mode, volume profile, default sessions TPOs, 24hr profile, split profile as well as Blahtech backtest mode directly on the chart.

Blahtech DR

Daily Range Indicator

Calculates mean average values for daily, weekly and session ranges. Displays an exhaustion of the average ranges on the chart for better timing of your trades.

Includes Support/Resistance levels based on the Daily pivot for any abnormal trending days as alternative areas of interest/targets.