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  • MINIMUM 2 years of active trading experience - preferably more

  • Emotional resilience, persistence and desire for continuous self-improvement

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Head of Trader Development Deeyana Angelo

Mrs. Deeyana Angelo has an intriguing background that spans both the music industry and the world of finance. Before transitioning into futures trading, she had the opportunity to perform alongside renowned musicians like Rod Stewart. As a live saxophonist for dance labels such as Ministry of Sound and Hed Kandi, she traveled across the globe, captivating audiences in arenas and clubs worldwide.

While she still enjoys playing the alto sax, flute and electric guitar, Deeyana's true passion lies in trading the markets and educating others on market mechanics. Her journey into professional proprietary trading began over a decade ago at a Chicago prop firm called Infinium. She received invaluable training as a market maker and also gained experience working for a European offshoot of First New York before focusing on remote firms. It was during this time that she discovered Topstep and became one of their funded traders.

More recently, in light of the Covid outbreak, the prop trading industry has undergone significant changes. Remote trading has become more widespread, granting Dee access to multiple funded accounts. Although she is no longer a member, she holds a Level 4 RDR Investment Advice Qualification.

Due to Covid and subsequent vaccine injury, Dee is also now struggling with a chronic health condition which makes remote trading even more of a necessity for her.

Despite this, Deeyana is still the managing director of Blahtech, a fintech startup. Her expertise also lies in creating mechanical trading systems and high-level custom indicators, collaborating with a team of software developers with investment banking backgrounds. Market Stalkers, an essential educational component of Blahtech, aims to identify trading talent and provide education to enhance their skills, enabling them to secure funding with various online prop firms we have today.

In her senior role in the Market Stalkers team, Deeyana actively mentors and supports junior traders. In response to numerous requests for insight into her data-driven, uniquely diligent, and highly structured trading approach, she began conducting individual sessions while she was still working for in-house prop firms, which eventually led to the creation of a Youtube channel Market Stalkers. With over a million views and growing exponentially, her videos continue to generate considerable interest. Furthermore, Deeyana initially established a website exclusively for chat sessions, which quickly gained popularity following the upload of her first ever Youtube video on Supply/Demand trading back in 2015.

Nowadays, she is a proud dog parent to 8 adorable furkids, splitting her time between the vibrant city of London and the serene West Sussex residence.