Level 3

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Level 3 should be studied over a 9 month period minimum. The course is split into 15 video lessons. We may keep adding more lessons to this course with live trading setups and run-throughs.

The instructor also has Weekly Trading Videos on our Youtube channel (search Market Stalkers and subscribe). Weekly videos tie up all the concepts described in all levels. The goal of Level 3 is to familiarise traders with intraday trading opportunities. You will learn how to recognise an undervalued price of liquid intraday products usually traded on the futures market, but can also be traded as CFDs and spot.

This course is the final step for those who wish to develop flexibility to trade either swing or intraday depending on the market conditions. You will learn about prop trading risk management, how to pay attention to your overall exposure as well as finding trades on small timeframes while still keeping in mind bird's eye picture from the large timeframes.

Level 3 introduces 3 more systematic flow diagrams to help illustrate the ideal conditions for when the intraday countertrends are safe and when they are not. And finally you will learn about Macroeconomics for Traders and correlation between different asset classes, specifically tailored to trading intraday news events.
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Level 3

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Course curriculum

  • 1
    Goals and Guidelines
    • PLEASE READ ME - Study Guidelines and Further Information
  • 2
    Section 1
    • Lesson 01 Trading Under Pressure
    • Lesson 02 Advanced Price Action
    • Lesson 03 Macro Economics for Trading
    • Lesson 04 Advanced Trading Plan and 2nd Chance Entry
    • Lesson 05 Dealing With Self-Limiting Beliefs
  • 3
    Section 2
  • 4
    Section 3
    • Lesson 11 Tricks of the Trade Level 3
    • Lesson 12 Countertrend Intraday or Swing Decision
    • Lesson 13 Risk Management - Overall Exposure
    • Lesson 14 Consolidation Entries
    • Lesson 15 Intraday Profit Taking
  • 5
    Additional Resources
    • Flow diagrams for MS Plays
    • Free copy of my ebook Vol 2: Short Term Trading For Income
    • Blahtech Indicators
    • Become a Blahtech Funded Trader

Trading leveraged products can carry a high risk and is not suited for all investors. Only speculate with money you can afford to lose. Trading spot forex, CFDs, futures and cryptocurrencies can result in a loss greater than the initial stake. Please ensure you fully understand the risks involved and seek further independent advice if necessary.