Level 2

Semi-Swing Trading College

Level 2 is a video course that should be studied over a period of minimum 6 months. Most lessons have multiple concepts inside them related to each other so it's advisable to spend 1-2 weeks per lesson. Some lessons are even drip-fed for maximum efficiency. You will learn how to read Market Profile and what a typical trading day looks like and why. You will learn to scale your stop losses to the liquidity of the instrument in order to still keep a relatively high reward/risk on your shorter term trades. Level 2 will also introduce you to a systematic flow diagram to help with trade decisions. You will learn to get back in on the trend that's already started and how to protect your positions in a much more effective way than moving stop losses to break even. And finally we will delve deeper into the psychology of the mind to set the path to binary thinking process and mind maps in order to grasp the concept of validation versus invalidation of your trading ideas.

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5 star rating

Well Structured Program

Scott Chen

A very well structured program indeed! Level 1 sets the foundation of the Market Stalkers system with emphasis on Supply/Demand, whereas Level 2 builds onto ...

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A very well structured program indeed! Level 1 sets the foundation of the Market Stalkers system with emphasis on Supply/Demand, whereas Level 2 builds onto the system without deviating from its unique and mechanical style of trading, of course with emphasis on Market Profile and Daily Ranges. Both Level 1 and 2 are well-rounded programs which teach systems of consistent profitability individually, but even more-so powerful when complimented with one another. I'm sure Level 3 will be also be a masterpiece of its own, which will complete the entire system to be one of the most professional and profitable systems available for the public. I'm really glad I have access to all 3 courses and I'm happily taking my time to learn each lesson with implementation to my own trading :)

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5 star rating

Thank you, Dee

Majid Altafi

Excellent presentation and so much educational...

Excellent presentation and so much educational...

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Professional Development Program

Includes all three levels of Market Stalkers courses

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Goals of Level 2

    • READ ME - Goals of Level 2 & Studying Guidelines

  • 2

    Section 1

  • 3

    Section 2

    • Lesson 07 Trade Management & Capital Protection

    • Lesson 08 Risk Management Level II

    • Lesson 09 Trading Super High Impact Releases

    • Lesson 10 Mind Maps and Binary Thinking

    • Lesson 11 Q Points© + S/D + Profile: Market Stalkers Method

    • Lesson 12 The Twelve Week Year

  • 4

    Next steps

    • More resources for you

    • Free Resources for Calculating the Value Area

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