• Are Blahtech indicators included in the Pro Development membership?

    Blahtech indicators are NOT included in any of the educational Market Stalkers memberships. We are two separate companies who work symbiotically on providing technical solutions to our in-house traders but also providing technical architecture services to bulge-bracket investment banking sector.
    Using Blahtech indicators is a choice, not a necessity.

  • What is the difference between your Udemy courses and the Pro Development courses?

    1. Length of curriculum
    Udemy courses = relatively short (1.5 hours - 3 hours in length)

    Professional Development Program(PDP) = over 40 hours of study with tasks and concepts from the lectures
    PDP is an extensive university-style curriculum teaching the entire method in great detail systematically, tackling each skill with diligence, increasing in difficulty as you progress through the program

    2. Detail of curriculum
    Udemy courses = although the Udemy courses may seem extensive, they only introduce the very basic concepts.

    Professional Development Program = In depth explanations of the market mechanics, advanced timing techniques, entry and stop loss optimisations, system design, specific guidelines on risk management models, practical applications and even behavioural modification solutions.

    3. Level of contact:
    While we aim respond to most of our Udemy students queries, we are unable to offer any deeper consulting services due to the cost-effective pricing on Udemy.

    Pro Development Program (Silver, Silver Plus & Gold Bundles only):
    Unlimited amount of questions during the qualifying Q&A periods depending on the level of service.
    We have 2-3 mentors working around the clock to respond to Silver and Gold member's queries going into great detail and tailoring the mentoring experience to the specific issues of the trader.

  • Can you unlock all lectures for me? I want to watch all lectures immediately

    Drip feed lecture system:

    Please do not ask for the 'unlocking' of the lectures. The goal for our courses is not to just give you access to information - but instead to achieve a particular result. You need to spend time on active experimentation: working on getting your Weekly Plans as directionally accurate as possible before moving onto Level 2. This won't happen in one week or even one month.

    If you cannot wait 1 week per lecture (and up to 3 months for ALL lectures to become available to you) then I won't sugar-coat this: you most likely lack the patience necessary for trading.

    Lack of patience, lack of attention to detail and lack of active experimentation means zero progress.

    If you disagree with this, I'm happy to issue you a full refund. I would rather only keep students who are able to stay patient and follow the rules (hugely important for any traders' success).

    Students who are willing to actively work on their skills according to Kolbs Experiential Learning Cycle have a much much higher chance of success than those insisting on rushing through lectures.

    Therefore drip feed system stays in place no matter how many emails you send attempting to argue your point. If I wanted your trading skills I'd listen to you. But since you want mine, then please follow my advice on how to obtain these hugely complex performance-based skill sets. I pride myself in my ability to raise your skills from scratch trading / losing to profitable prop-trader skill level within 3-6 months. Rushing through lectures is simply not how it's done.

  • How is the Q&A Mentoring conducted for Silver/Gold students?

    Q&A Mentoring is done through the platform in your Member Dashboard.

    After the purchase, in your member dashboard there will be a product named "Coaching". Once you click into it, there is a discussion board that allows you to post questions, attach files/screenshots but to also see other students' previous queries that we deemed were relevant to the rest of the community.

  • Do you teach Footprint Charts?

    We don't. Footprint charts are an invention of Market Delta, which is a trading platform. Footprint charts focus on ridiculously low timeframes which only leads to overtrading and imagining things. Even Jim Dalton who popularised market profile trading (taught in our Level 2) highly advises against looking at tick charts and Time&Sales window. We get a fair amount of traders applying for funding and we have yet to come across one trader who uses footprint charts successfully. On the other hand, supply/demand and profile both look at statistically proven methodologies that are indeed still used by professional traders all over the world.

    We always aim for our traders and students to trade less and make more, rather than spending all day in front of the charts hunting for million trades per day which eventually leads to loss of self-discipline and hard-earned cash. Make life easier for yourself and focus on trading 1-3 trades per day. We trade to have more time to do other things such as to spend time with family and pursue hobbies we enjoy and not the other way around!

  • Do you offer 1-2-1 mentoring for beginners?

    For beginners, no.
    However our director provides coaching and accountability support for experienced traders who are still struggling as a part of our Gold Membership service

  • Why should I enroll in Market Stalkers PDP

    First and foremost: our mentors and instructors are active, well known professional traders - many with official qualifications from professional bodies such as CISI in the UK.

    The method we've developed by combining price action strategies has lead to a systematic way of trading that takes out most of the guesswork. We place heavy emphasis on psychology and developing a successful traders mindset in our students right from the start.

    Market Stalkers frequently collaborate with IT consultancy Blahtech Limited. For the last 14 years Blahtech has provided software architecture services for investment banks, mostly in front office positions.

    Joining forces with Blahtech has enabled much needed automation to the methodology that cuts down hours and hours of manual work. Working with Blahtech has enabled us to collaborate with elite software engineers to develop innovative price-action indicators never before seen for Metatrader platforms. Blahtech indicators are available for rental/purchase from MQL.com Marketplace.

  • How do I get the blue Risk/Reward levels that Dee uses?

    Please watch the very first youtube video Dee uploaded in 2015 - the tool is just a modified Fib tool. Settings start at 15min mark: Modified Fib tool