• High level of spoken and written English

  • Must be a resident of: United States, United Kingdom, Canada, European Union, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Taiwan. Also must be able to trade during USA hours (ideally) OR London session hours (trading DAX futures).

  • Minimum some undergraduate University courses taken - ideally an undergraduate degree or higher

  • Professional background in one of the following industries:
    Engineering / Science / Computer Science / Aviation / Medicine / Semi-pro and Pro Athletes / Virtuoso musicians / Successful business persons (defined as min $200k in yearly revenue)

  • Over 2 years active trading experience

  • Familiarity with all order types and candlestick patterns

How our performance coaching portal works

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Pre-qualification quiz is required for Gold

Flexible duration for Q&A support while you're going through the lectures and experimenting with our systematic approach.

Gold bundle includes all lectures from the expanded curriculum (unlimited access), Live Trading Archive and a period of 4, 6 or 12 months intensive coaching.

We found that most traders prefer to have longer support - not only during the coaching but also while they're building their live accounts.

Please note that the current waiting list for starting intensive coaching is 2-5 months. But if you pass the qualification skype call, you can start on the lectures immediately while waiting.

Gold Members

Work with Deeyana directly
  • Trading plan reviews and feedback on a weekly basis

  • Sharing near-realtime trading ideas and suggestions for improvement of execution

  • Solid solutions to any psychological issues you may be struggling with

  • Previous performance review within the scope of our methodology

  • Guidance to lifestyle & mindset overhaul to help you achieve consistent profitability

  • Support during your prop trading evaluation period (such as APEX or Topstep challenges) AND after you get FUNDED to deal with 'funded account jitters '. Many traders are excellent during the challenge but blow it on the first week of being funded. We can help with this issue using some unconventional approaches

If you're interested in working with Deeyana directly:

Deeyana's schedule for taking on new traders is limited, resulting in a waiting list for intensive coaching that ranges from 2 - 5 months.

If you are interested in working with Deeyana personally AND you pass the qualification call, you'll be given a link to enroll. Please note:
Gold membership includes expanded curriculum.

Once you're enrolled:

1. Start by going through the lectures first - for at least 2-3 weeks. Please don't rush and take as long as you need.

2. After you've had a chance to familiarise yourself with the method, ask when you can start posting your first weekly trading plan in the portal.

3. After you've done your first post, this signals the start of your intensive coaching period - choose from 4, 6 or 12 months duration.

That way, your time during the intensive mentoring period will focus on areas that need the most improvement. Prior to the start of personalised mentoring, you can have as much time as you wish to learn about our approach - the portal will remain open to you during this time for questions about lecture content.

But once you decide to upload your first weekly plan, this will signal the start of your coaching period. At this point your portal access will be set either to 4, 6 or 12 months.

IMPORTANT: If you need to take a break, IT IS CRUCIAL TO INFORM YOUR COACH IN ADVANCE. We can allow ONE month for a break, however to ensure continuity in your development, if you disappear without notice and fail to keep posting, the access to the portal WILL NOT be extended past the initial expiry date.

Before booking your mandatory qualification call, please ensure you match ALL requirements set out on this page.

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Who is it for?

Advanced traders struggling with consistency

  • 2+ years experience

    You've traded extensively during this time but your performance is inconsistent due to one or more issues:
    strategy problems
    holding onto a bias
    lack of objectivity
    various psychological problems
    not trading at all
    getting angry/frustrated/afraid

  • You have an approach

    You have an approach that is sort of working. You have a decent idea of what needs to improve but you haven't been able to implement these changes by yourself.
    You want to include market mechanics into your approach
    You may even already use order flow analysis but you're not completely sure if you're using it correctly.

  • You want accountability

    You need someone to make you take accountability when mistakes are made. You're looking for a guide who will put you back on the right path when you start to drift away from the rules and good trading practices.

  • You're trying for a prop firm job

    You want to raise your skills and find out what it takes to be a prop trader . You'll be given strict risk parameters and targets to reach (including max drawdown and daily/weekly loss limits).
    If your skills are not quite there yet, we will work on identifying and minimising areas that are hurting your performance most.

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GOLD Membership Pricing Options

Four months of coaching is ONLY for traders who have already been through the Pro Development Program and are looking for accountability while doing a prop trading challenge. If you have consistency issues, you won't solve them in 4 months.

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*NEW STUDENTS: before the call please ensure you've at least gone through the short crash courses and that you're familiar with Deeyana's trading via youtube live streams.

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