Mastering Supply Demand

Learn about institutional order flow analysis

Suitable for a wide range of financial products such as stocks, equity indices, forex.
See where the large institutions interest is, clearly on the chart through the use of institutional order flow concept known as Supply/Demand trading.

Supply/Demand enables traders to locate deep liquidity pools where the institutions had their inventories once before. These areas indicate an incredibly high probability of a reversal, frequently offering an opportunity for mean reversion trades.

Our own Supply/Demand courses heavily rely on our own concept of Q Points©.
Q Points© have become known in the industry as "the missing link to Supply/Demand" - with good reason.

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Mastering Supply Demand

Mastering Market Profile

How to start using order flow for intraday trading

Market Profile is by far the most frequently used tool of professional traders for intraday positioning. Applicable to futures products and intraday trading.

Using a statistically known advantage of distribution curves from the previous day's trading information, you'll learn how to recognise what the institutional traders are doing. You will also find out how to avoid getting caught up in the Market Makers shakeouts that happen every single day.

Learning how to correctly position yourself for shorter timeframe trade durations is of pivotal importance to anyone looking to trade futures including the commodities markets.

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Mastering Market Profile

Candlestick Patterns Workshop

Learn the difference between the strong pattern and a weak pattern

Most people can tell you what a Bearish Engulfing pattern looks like. But how many can tell the difference between a strong engulfing and a weak engulfing?

In this workshop you will learn to be a lot more selective when trading through price action patterns.

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Candlestick Patterns Workshop