No track record needed

  • STEP 1: Prove your edge

    Prove your strategy has an edge!
    Topstep has no minimum trading days, just the consistency rule.

  • STEP 2: Prove you can manage risk

    Show that the capital given will be safe in your hands

  • STEP 3: Start making real money

    You keep the first $5,000 in profit. After that you will receive an 80% profit split.
    Topstep doesn't have gated withdrawals unlike many other newer firms.

Fully remote positions
(futures traders)

Trade from your home, from almost anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

Earn extra income even if you're still working full time - as long as you're within the risk limits, TopStep don't mind if you only trade for a few hours a week.

During these uncertain times, everyone needs another, skill-based income source.

Rather than risking your own $5k-10k, use TopStep challenges for a fraction of the money to grow your skills. At the end of it, if you do well, you'll earn a fully funded account.

Choice of platforms:
TSTrader (FREE!)

TSTrader by Tradovate

Save costs by using TSTrader - FREE license while you're in a combine AND when you become a funded Topstep trader. That's right. No platform fees. Forever.

Swing traders

Swing trade Micro Futures

Products allowed:

MES (Micro S&P)
MNQ (Micro Nasdaq)
M2K (Micro Russell 2000)
MYM (Micro Dow)

Not feeling ready yet?

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