• Are there any discounts on Blahtech indicators? Are Blahtech indicators included in the Pro Dev Bundles?

    Blahtech do not offer coupon discounts on their indicators.

    Blahtech indicators are are a CHOICE and not a NECESSITY therefore they are NOT a part of Market Stalkers Memberships. However, they do offer immense automation support for the Market Stalkers Method since it was our director who initially commissioned and worked closely with the technology team to create them.

    Although we closely collaborate with Blahtech - Market Stalkers are actually a sister company with different locations and different departments.

    Blahtech indicators are sold exclusively on Metaquotes App Store.

    Please note that Blahtech trading tools are serious pieces of software architecture that cost upwards of £250,000 to create.

    If you wish to try the tools out, there is a free demo download AND an option of a monthly rental - all done through Metaquotes. For more information, please visit:
    Blahtech Installation Guide

    Please refrain from haggling on the indicators pricing - such requests will be ignored.

  • Do you make Blahtech indicators for NT/Tradingview/Other platforms?

    Blahtech indicators are only for Metatrader 4 and Metatrader 5 platforms.

    Ninjatrader has stopped updating their C# version and has been stuck in the dark ages for many years. They're refusing to move onto the recent versions of C#. Because of this, we are unable to implement our highly sophisticated technologies and optimisations into an old version of C#/.NET

    Tradingview uses a scripting language called Pinescript, this is NOT an Object Oriented Programming (OOP) language. It is also why they only offer volume value - because it only requires end of day calculations rather than placing the full new TPO profile in realtime. There is no way to achieve this in Pinescript
    Therefore we won't be getting involved in Tradingview for the same reasons we're not doing NT: our elegant solutions cannot be implemented in these platforms.

  • I bought the wrong indicator version - can you change this?

    Blahtech indicators are sold on an App Store by Metaquotes. We have no control over purchases/refunds - we are simply vendors. Please contact the Metaquotes service desk for any issues with your purchases.
    1. Log into your account on www.mql5.com
    2. Click on your name (top right) to go to your personal dashboard
    3. On the left side, click on 'Service Desk'
    4. Click on 'New Request' and explain your issue.

  • How do I demo-test the Blahtech Indicators? I tried attaching to a chart but it's not working?

    Metaquotes doesn't allow demo indicators to be tested on live charts - only in Strategy Tester through the visual mode.
    For more info, please refer to their demo testing setup help pages:
    Metatrader Demo Testing Help

  • Will I get future updates after purchasing Blahtech indys?

    Yes, all future updates and new features are free for existing users. Once you purchase any of Blahtech indicators it's a lifetime license.

  • My Windows update invalidated my Blahtech license - HELP!

    We have increased the number of available licenses after the Windows Creators Update fiasco. If you are still having an issue with this, please contact support@blahtech.co.uk

  • I have different Metatrader instances on my computer, can I get more than 3 licenses?

    If you're using all these Metatrader instances on the same computer, each license is per computer and not per Metatrader. Which means you can run Blahtech indicators on unlimited MT instances if your CPU allows it.

  • I have Blahtech SD - how do I switch on red conterminous lines like Deeyana shows in Youtube videos?

    Red conterminous lines seen on our Youtube videos are not a part of Blahtech indicator - Deeyana puts on those herself as a part of her trading plan to separate her Zones of Interest better.

  • I bought/rented Blahtech MP but the TPO mode letters are really small?

    It's likely that the instrument you're trading has had an out-of-ordinary day, causing many more TPOs to appear than usual. Try pressing letter 'T' on your keyboard once or twice. If this doesn't do the trick, you may need to adjust the size of the TPOs manually.

    Go to: Indicator List>Blahtech MP>EDIT>Inputs>Schedules>TPO size and play around with settings. Try decimal numbers on instruments such as USDMXN. On LCG platform TPO size for USDMXN is 0.003. Comparatively on DAX some of our traders find that TPO size of 2.0 works well on most days.