6 Months Coaching

Gold members are directly supported by our director Mrs. Angelo and two senior traders

  • Unlimited amount of questions during the 6 months

  • Find your own individuality within our method under our director's guidance for full 6 months (or longer when needed)

  • Online discussion board-style platform where you can post your screenshots, trading plan files and ask for critiques on trading setups and/or previous trades taken on the day/week

  • Best used by already experienced traders looking to find their final edge with the help of our methodology

Pricing options

Depending on your needs and current skill level:

  • $2866 - for students who want to have a full year of mentoring portal access

  • $990 - initial 6 months upgrade for existing Bronze or Silver members

  • $499 - after the initial mentoring period, extend for another 6 months (if approved by mentor)

  • $268 - after the initial mentoring period, extend for another 3 months (if approved by mentor)

  • $99 per month (ongoing) - for students who completed the mentoring but are looking for ongoing support and community during their Live Evaluation Period (either for our company or for another prop firm). If approved by mentor.

    Access to the mentoring portal is subject to case-by-case qualification process. Our current waiting list for Gold mentoring is 5 months. If you're interested in mentoring, please start on the Bronze Pro Development Program first.

    If you're already a Bronze member, please ensure you fit ALL requirements for mentoring before booking your mandatory qualification call.

    After the mandatory qualification call, if you are a good fit for the program, you will be provided with the enrolment link.