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Head of Trader Development

Deeyana Angelo

Mrs. Deeyana Angelo is a former session musician turned derivatives trader.

Before become a trader she performed with some of the legends of the music world such as Rod Stewart and worked as a live saxophonist for a well known UK dance label Ministry of Sound and Hed Kandi, travelling the world performing in arenas and well-known clubs across the globe.

Finance Career
Whilst she still enjoys playing alto sax and electric guitar, these days she has a passion for trading the markets and teaching others some of the techniques that she has developed over the last 11 years of trading. She worked as a contracting professional prop trader for three different companies in London and Chicago.

Today Deeyana is a managing director of a fintech startup Blahtech where she works on creating mechanical trading systems and high-level custom indicators with the help of a small elite team of software developers who come from investment banking backgrounds.

Forex Factory and Youtube
Few years ago she ran a popular thread on Forex Factory on trading DAX and CFDs. More and more people started asking her to teach them how she trades. Deeyana ran some individual skype sessions but eventually started putting some videos up on Youtube to maximise her time.

This generated quite a lot interest and her video on 'Trading Supply/Demand for income" has so far been watched 36,000 times. Soon the small website she created to host group chat sessions was inundated with requests for a course on S/D trading. The decision was made to create a very structured course that will teach ins and outs of her method. She is the originator of a concept now widely known as Q Points, the missing link to Supply/Demand trading which is included in our flagship Blahtech trading tool Blahtech SD indicator which is available from MQL5 Marketplace. For more detail, please click on Blahtech Indicators in the Navigation Menu.